This Week in Soup (7/21/2017)

If you’re pretty much anywhere in the United States today, it’s hot. Maybe you’re in your air conditioned office or home, so you needed a reminder. But it is about to get straight up disgusting out. Don’t believe me? Let’s ask a pro, specifically my pal Mr. Map. wgfhi

See. I told you. That shade of magenta belongs on a blouse in 1983 and not on my weather map.

With that being said, our pals at the Washington Post are also feeling the heat. That’s why they put out this list of cold soups to keep you cool. I’d recommend checking out the Coconut Milk Soup with Lobster. Also just check out the link if you’re a fan of nice colors or well composed food pictures, because it’s got both in spades.

If you can’t find yourself on the map above because you happen to live in Australia (shout out all my Aussie readers, good on ya!), thanks to how the equator works it’s winter for you right now.  You’re now in the heart of soup season, and you can have soup delivered right to your office through Two Good Co. which is like the Toms shoes of Australian lunch services.

I guess something also of note this week for a lot of people was that Game of Thrones returned. Not a huge deal to me (See: I’ve Never Read or Really Watched Game of Thrones, but Now I Might… Spoiler: I didn’t), but I give the people what they want. And apparently what people wanted more than watching three minutes of paper models of castles build themselves was three minutes of an old man eating soup with dramatic flyovers and music playing. Thankful our friends at Clickhole gave us just that. And if you’re gonna be like “hey man, this came out like years ago!” First of all, don’t. It’s annoying, and I already knew that. And second of all, it got so much social media play this week (probably because of that Game of Thrones Piece I wrote last week if we’re being honest, or maybe the Slate one it was based on…who’s to say?) that is pretty much counts as news again. Also it’s the middle of July and soup news is pretty hard to come by unless you want me to talk about Campbell’s stock and corporate strategy (you don’t). Also, as another HBO show reminds us:

Time is a flat circle. 

Alright, alright, alright, that’s all I have for this week. Stay cool, order the gazpacho, thanks for reading, and if you have any soup news to share let me know in the comments!



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