This Week in Soup (4/21/2017)

It’s finally Friday, and we’re here with your soup-centric recap of the last week. Passover has come and gone, and with it many enjoyed delicious bowls of matzoh-ball soup. Any holiday basically mandating the consumption of soup is good in my book. And for those Gentiles out there (you know who you are!), Easter ham bones and leftovers provided a great ham bone soup opportunity.

Easter also marks the unofficial start of spring. With that in mind Brit + Co.  hit us with 14 Chilled Soup Recipes to Enjoy This Spring. And we’re not talking your grandma’s gazpacho here (although I’m sure she’s lovely and makes great chilled soups too). The list ranges from a chilled rosé and watermelon soup to a peach lemongrass soup with creme fraiche. And even if you don’t plan on making any of the recipes, swing on by just to look at the pictures. Great presentation and popping spring hues abound.

We also had the announcement that Michelin-starred chef Massimo Bottura plans to open two soup kitchens in U.S. cites, with New York, New Orleans, and Detroit being among those being considered. He’ll be bringing his tried and true concept, which began in Milan and has served over 15,000 meals, which focuses on ended cyclical urban loneliness, improve food security, and minimize food waste. A great piece from City Lab explains the concept.

Not only does soup taste good, but it’s also a recipe for economic growth! Campell’s Soup announced it’s opening a warehouse in Findlay, Ohio, employing about 160 when it opens next summer. Turns out people and the economy aren’t so different after all; all it takes is a little soup to get things going.

Last, we have a review saying that the Bird’s Nest Soup isn’t worth the price at a restaurant in LA. I opened it up, and started reading. I got to the bottom of the second paragraph, which read:

And although it was a bit pricey at $35, my parents were paying for dinner, so I decided to give it a try.

All credibility  was lost immediately. I looked up and saw that I was on the Daily Bruin, a UCLA run publication, so it’s a little more acceptable, but I still didn’t bother to finish the article. Read it if you want.

Alright, that was This Week in Soup! From Soup & Society, enjoy your weekend.


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