#tbt: Yogurt!

A lot of soups call for cream, from your clam chowders to your creamy chicken noodle soups. However, for some other soups cream just doesn’t quite seem right, so I like to call up it’s breakfast cousin, yogurt, from the farm team to the major leagues. Also, I’m considerably more likely to have yogurt in my fridge than cream. Can’t eat cream for breakfast.

Yogurt is great because it’s creamy but also a lot thicker than cream. It doesn’t take much to thicken up a lot of soup, but it’s flavor is still very light. It’s got a nice tangy taste to it as well. Plus yogurt’s really trendy right now for whatever reason.

You’ve got your greek yogurt which has had it’s time in the sun but has shown some staying power, as well as Icelandic yogurt. If greek yogurt is Kanye, Icelandic is a Chance the Rapper after “Acid Rap:” heir apparent with a lot of potential. Will it have the same meteoric rise Chance did? We’ll have to wait and see. There’s also Australian yogurt, but I think that has honey in it or something, so tread lightly on the soup front.

Pro-tip: Make sure the yogurt you’re grabbing out the fridge is “Plain” and not “Vanilla.” They often look very similar, and the result of this mix-up can ruin a lot of soup very quickly…


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