Cheers to National Beer Day!

We did it! It’s beer day! Even though it seems like just about every other day is a “national something day,” but National Beer Day is different. It has a history that goes back to FDR.

For a little while, here in America we decided that alcohol was not so good and we shouldn’t have it any more. Some call this the Prohibition, but I like to think of it as America’s collective hangover. The temperance movement was gaining steam and the Volstead Act passed and we literally changed the Constitution to stop people from drinking. Maybe at the time we, as a nation, were being over served. Not my call to make. I wasn’t there.

So the Volstead Act and 18th Amendment made pretty much anything that had to do with booze illegal. But like a lot of people who swear off alcohol during a hangover, it didn’t last very long. But before America decided to let the booze flow freely again, they took a baby step called the Cullen-Harrison Act. Although intoxicating drinks were still illegal, anything that was under 3.2% alcohol was no longer considered an “intoxicating drink,” which meant people could drink some beers again. Immediately after signing the Act, FDR quipped, “I think this would be a good time for a beer.” I like to imagine his chief of staff tossed him a cold one and he drank it right then an there, spilling a couple drops on the Cullen-Harrison Act itself, but I’ve been unable to find any evidence to support that version of history.

So National Beer Day commemorates this weird time in our history when alcohol was illegal, but then some of it wasn’t but the Prohibition was still on. It’s to commemorate the time FDR said to the country, “I’ve got a New Deal for; it’s called drinking some beer.”

This has mostly been an excuse for me to talk about this point in history, but there’s a soup tie-in too, I swear. And that tie-in is the beloved Beer Cheese Soup. Check our Pinterest for recipes on the Beer Cheese Soup board.

What do you like to put on your Beer Cheese Soup? Popcorn? Crushed Pretzels? Potato Chips? Let us know in the comments, and cheers to National Beer Day.


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