This Week In Soup (3/31/2017)

This Week In Soup is back at long last. And let me tell you, it’s coming back strong. Each week has seven days, but this week the soup gods smiled down and said, “Give them more soup news then they can handle.  How much can we pack in seven days to let them know we still reign?Ladle it on heavy.” Without further ado, here we go:

First off, spring is here whether it feels like it or not today. And spring means the beginning of another edition of my annual crusade to normalize cold soups. Here’s a super simple recipe for a chilled cantaloupe soup from WVTR out of Virginia. They serve it in little glasses, but I had a crazy idea: What if you served it in the hollowed out shell of the cantaloupe? Play your cards right and that’s two free bowls. You’re welcome.

Next, we have an outraged review from The Eyeopener at Ryerson University. I can only assume that it’s named after Ned Ryerson from Groundhog Day, and if there was even a fictional insurance salesman that deserved to have a Canadian University named after him, it’s definitely Ned Ryerson. Anyways, this girl paid $10 for some soup and was NOT satisfied, so she interviewed herself about it and put it on her college website. I have to assume those were Canadian Dollars, so a little less than you think…but still not cheap.

“What day is it? NO THE YEAR!” If you answered 1985 and happen to live in Cleveland, you’re in luck. This Sunday the band “Bowling for Soup” will be performing at the House of Blues in Cleveland and you can read about it here. Apparently they’re still touring, so good for them. Also, the first part was a semi-obscure reference to Back to the Future, which also is set in 1985. I saw a shot, and I took it. I don’t care if you liked it or not. That was for me.

Last, we have an article from Gothamist showing you how not to eat soup dumplings. If you get soup dumplings, do not do what they show in the video. That’s not how it works. If you’re just going to pop them, order regular dumplings and a bowl of soup and save everyone the trouble and embarrassment. You’ve been warned.

Did you see any soup news we missed? Leave it in the comments or email them to us at

Have a soup-er weekend!


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